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National Stress Awareness Month: Massage Can Help!

Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? In honor of this important month, we are taking the time to share with you some of the negative effects of stress and some great ways you can relax and unwind. Stress can come from almost anywhere, even from things that are wonderful and positive events in your life. Buying a new house, bringing home a new baby, or switching to a great new job are all events to celebrate; however, they can all cause a great deal of stress. On top of these big life changes, just going through day-to-day life is full of constant stressors like rushing getting kids to practice on time or trying to find time in your day to make dinner and hit the gym. E

Spring Massage Can Help Prepare Your Mind and Body for Summer Activities

Spring is only just beginning, but it’s never too early to start thinking about summer. We aren’t worried about getting a pre-summer tan or working on your “beach body.” However, there are some great ways to get your skin, your body, and your mind ready for the summer sun and summer fun. The summer sun can do a great deal of damage to your skin, including causing cancer. Additionally, contrary to what one might think, summer heat tends to be more stressful than other, cooler parts of the year. Finding and getting, some of the best massage in Overland Park now will help get you ready for a summer full of sun, heat, and activities. Give Your Skin a Boost In the summer, the heat and the UV rays






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