The Long-Term Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

When you think about getting a massage, you may first consider the relaxing, stress-reducing immediate benefits. However, there are also many long-term benefits to receiving regular therapeutic massages. At Lifestyle Massage & Bodywork, we can provide you with the best massage in Overland Park. We can also discuss with you the various health benefits available and help you determine which benefits you hope to gain and which type of massage is best for you.

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We provide the best sports massage therapy in Overland Park, the best Swedish massage in Overland Park, the best prenatal massage in Overland Park, and the best deep tissue massage in Overland Park. Here are a number of the ways the various types of massage therapy can increase your health long-term:

• Rehabilitation, both from injury and surgery • Improved flexibility • Improved circulation • Reduced stress and anxiety • Increased range of motion • Boosted energy • Easier digestion

From a physiological standpoint, therapeutic massage stimulates your body to produce more natural lubrication and positive chemical reactions. This allows your body to naturally increase flexibility, improve circulation—which helps aid in digestion and increases the range of motion. All of these together help increase your natural athletic ability and helps prevent and heal injuries.

Our highly trained massage therapists specialize in various types of massage. We can provide the best sports massage in Overland Park, allowing your body to more efficiently move oxygen and pump blood throughout your body, allowing you to build more muscle and more quickly recover from injuries. This same principle applies if you are healing from surgery or past trauma. Therapeutic massage will help promote healing and get you back on your feet faster!

A Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage will improve your blood circulation and help relieve the build-up of lactic acid, thus improving your health, reducing blood pressure, and allowing your body to function more smoothly. Improved circulation and blood flow, along with the primary relaxing effects of any massage, can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression—long after the massage has ended.

Call us or come in to speak with our licensed therapists to determine which type of massage and which health benefits are right for you. Call to schedule the best massage in Overland Park.