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Spring into a New You with a Therapeutic Massage in Kansas City

Did this past winter get you down? Are you ready for a new you? Does your body feel fatigued and sluggish? Are your lower back muscles stiff from shoveling snow? You need a therapeutic massage in Kansas City to help put a spring back in your step and get ready for the warm weather. The days are getting longer, and it's time to start thinking about spring renewal.

One great way to do that is to start massage therapy at Lifestyle Massage. Massages have so many benefits, including relaxation, improving circulation, easing muscle tension, and even reducing stress. Let's discuss different types of massage therapies and their benefits to you.

Benefits of Springtime Massage Therapy

There are many types of massages, and each has its benefits.

  • Swedish massages offered at Lifestyle Massage are very popular because it relaxes not only the body but also the mind. This type of massage eases the body by using long, smooth strokes to promote relaxation.

  • Deep tissue massages in Kansas City are a common choice because they relieve pain and tightness in the muscles. This type of massage uses deep, slow strokes to reach the deepest layers of muscle tissue.

  • Trigger point massages are for specific areas of the body and help with pressure points and reduce pain.

If these don’t interest you, you can seek another type of therapeutic massage in Kansas City. No matter what type of massage you choose, each will promote rejuvenation for spring. Find a massage therapist that will cover all your needs.

What to Look for in a Licensed Massage Therapist for Spring

A licensed massage therapist should make you comfortable while providing you with a professional massage. When looking for a licensed massage therapist for a Kansas City therapeutic massage, you should:

· Review the therapist's experience and training

· Choose the type of message you'd like to have

· Make sure the therapist is insured

· Ask how often you should schedule your massages

A good massage therapist will be able to answer all your questions and help you to choose the best type of massage for your needs. You can read about our Kansas City therapeutic massage team here. At Lifestyle Massage, we have you covered from the "stretch professor" to our advanced craniosacral specialist.

Lifestyle Massage offers stress-relieving services to suit every stage of life. Are you expecting a baby? We offer the best prenatal massage in Kansas City! Spending all day on your feet and just overstressed? Try infrared saunas in Kansas City. What if you just want a relaxing day with your significant other? Wind down your week with a couple’s massage.


We are here to offer you relaxation, self-care, and improve your well-being. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage, sports massage, or a craniosacral massage, our team will work on a strategy that leaves you feeling ready to take on anything!

Are you looking for the best massage in Kansas City? Lifestyle Massage boasts two convenient locations in Lenexa and Brookside. If you’d like to become a new client, you can fill out an intake form here, and if you have any questions we’d be glad to assist you.

You can contact us via email at or by calling 913-942-0340.


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