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Best Prenatal Massage in Lenexa

By many, we're known to give the best prenatal massage in the Lenexa area. If you're pregnant and looking for a massage, we can help. Being pregnant can be one of the best times to get a massage. There are many benefits to prenatal massages including:

• Decreased back pain

• Decreased joint pain

• Increased circulation

• Decreased edema

• Decreased muscle tension and headaches

• Decreased stress and anxiety

• Increased oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles

• Better sleep​


Did you know that a prenatal massage can improve labor outcomes and newborn health? It also plays a part in balancing your hormones. In women who receive a massage bi-weekly for only five weeks, their hormones associated with stress were reduced, and hormones associated with fighting depression were increased. The changes in these hormones led to fewer complications during delivery and fewer newborn problems, like a low birth weight.

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