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Best Swedish Massage in Lenexa

Many people try a deep tissue massage for their first massage and find it too firm for them. That's why a Swedish massage can be a great first step. We give some of the best Swedish massage in the Lenexa area. We want to help you get what you want out of your massage by providing the right pressure that works best for you.


A Swedish massage is a fantastic introductory massage for a lot of reasons. The top reason is it involves firm, yet tender strokes. You often times start laying on your stomach in a flat elevated position on a massage table. Your massage will begin with long, firm strokes on your back and move up over your shoulders eventually, then to your arms, and finally down to your lower back and legs. At about the halfway mark, you will be asked to turn on your back to finish your massage. Once you have turned over, your therapist will focus on your upper shoulders, arms, and fronts of your legs. Your therapist will use either his or her palm or the heel of his or her hand to give pressure to tough and tight spots. This will lengthen and loosen the muscles. A Swedish massage is used particularly to improve the circulation of blood flow.


If you're thinking about a massage, a Swedish might be best for you. Many say we give the best Swedish massage in Lenexa, so call us to schedule your next massage.

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