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Meet The Team



Mary Beth Mosteller

Owner + Founder 

Mary Beth is the founder of Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork. She grew up in a family with a Mediterranean influence where demonstrative touch was normative, healing and nurturing. She always had an affinity toward healthcare, healing touch, and nutrition. After graduating college with a BA in Spanish and International Studies, she pursued massage therapy after years of that nagging "what if?" Instantly she found her tribe.

After graduating from WellSpring School of Allied Health in January 2013, she has practiced massage therapy full-time in a chiropractic office setting to pursue coming alongside of people in their wellness journeys. Her passion is to give clients the best outcome through client-centered massage therapy where she listens to the clients as well as what their bodies tell her. She loves to customize the massage experience through a blend of modalities while keeping the client in the parasympathetic response. She is certified in perinatal massage as well as trained as a massage doula (labor support). She has pursued continuing education certifications in myofascial release, advanced Asian cupping, sports massage, and trigger point therapy. Mary Beth enjoys incorporating a variety of modalities like deep tissue, Asian cupping, myofascial work and neuromuscular therapy for her client's best response.

Mary Beth and her husband Terry are both small business owners so they have a passion to support local companies especially in Kansas City. Her husband Terry has his own solo practice law firm focusing on nonprofits and small business. They have 2 darling children Lawson (8) and Georgia (6) that keep them busy as well as laughing.

Available for appointments at Brookside + Lenexa location.


Practice Manager, Senior LMT, CMLDT

Nicole Dominguez

Specialized Training for TMJ Dysfunction and  Prenatal/ Postpartum, Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ultimate Relaxation

Nicole graduated from the Stone School of Massage in 2014 and still, 10 years later, she experiences how rewarding a career in the massage field is. 


Nicole stands out in her field as a Licensed Massage Therapist with a deep passion for both the art and science of massage therapy. Specializing in manual and medical massage, she brings a unique blend of skill, empathy, and analytical expertise to her practice. Nicole is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, offering a gentle, yet profound, approach to enhancing the body’s natural healing processes. Her proficiency also extends to pre and postnatal massages, providing nurturing care that supports mothers through significant physical and emotional transitions.

Her passion truly shines in her specialized training for Orthopedic Massage for TMJ dysfunction, where she skillfully addresses and alleviates jaw pain and discomfort. Additionally, Nicole’s skill in cupping therapy showcases her versatility and commitment to diverse therapeutic techniques.

What sets Nicole apart is her genuine fascination with the body's ability to heal and adapt. She finds immense satisfaction not only in offering a peaceful retreat through her massages but also in assessing and treating specific physical issues. Her practice is a harmonious blend of helping clients unwind during stressful times and applying targeted treatments for physical ailments.

Nicole’s approach is centered around understanding the unique story each body tells. She believes that effective therapy goes beyond treating symptoms; it involves exploring the root causes and working towards holistic wellness. Her sessions are not just about providing immediate relief but are a journey towards long-term health and comfort.

With Nicole Dominguez, clients experience a therapeutic encounter that is as restorative and enlightening as it is comforting and serene.

Available for appointments at the Brookside + Lenexa location.

Nick S. square.jpg


Nicholas Sharpe

Reflexology, Deep tissue, Cupping, Hot Stones, Therapeutic,  Aromatherapy, and Relaxation

Nick's true desire is to bring healing and restoration to each individual that he comes in contact with. Nick is confident in his abilities as a licensed massage therapist to assist his clients through the recovery process if an injury is present as well as bring them into a state of complete relaxation for those who need to clear some headspace. 

In addition to being trained in therapeutic, Swedish and prenatal massage, Nick has completed some continued education in reflexology and lymphatic drainage. Come see Nick and allow him to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Available for appointments at the Brookside location.

Robert W Photo.jpg


Robert Windler

Cupping, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Active Assisted Stretch, Sports Massage

Robert Windler came from a strong medical background where his grandmothers and mother nurtured his love for anatomy and physiology. This clinical curiosity was one of the many factors that led him to pursue and graduate from massage therapy in 2010, as well as Physical Therapy in 2017. Robert graduated from Kansas City Kansas Community College in 2017 with an Associate's Degree in Physical Therapy. During his four years of practice in physical therapy, he used his massage training skills to assist his patients in recovery, rehabilitation, and pain management.


Combining his PTA and MT knowledge has led to excellent clinical results for clients who have a variety of needs. While his passion lies in deep tissue work, he also is proficient in and enjoys Swedish massage, stretch therapy, sports massage, and reflexology. Since he's been practicing for 13 years, he always looks for more skills to add to his massage toolbelt for his clients' best desired outcomes. 

Robert has an uncanny ability to work deeply while keeping the client in a relaxed state of mind. Additionally, his assessment skills give his clients the type of feedback needed to adjust improper habits that add to muscle imbalances or muscle dysfunction so they can ultimately address the core issues of what brings them in.


Robert is supported by his loving wife, Joanna, and his two children Aviana (4) and Sylas (2ish).

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.

Massage headshot.jpg


Kimberly Kennaley

Prenatal, Therapeutic, Manual Lymphatic Drainage , Medical/ Oncology Massage, Hot Stones Therapy

Kimberly graduated from the massage therapy program at WellSpring School of Allied Health in September 2020. From there, she continued on to earn her Master of Massage Therapy, Associate of Occupational Science degree in March 2021.

Kimberly was first introduced to massage back in November 2017, when she was recovering from a whiplash injury. Between receiving chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy, it was her massage therapist who assisted the most with pain management and in regaining muscle function. It made such a difference in her life that Kimberly decided she wanted to help others the same way.


Her massage is a mixture of Swedish, Myofascial release and Esalen to provide her clients with the ultimate relaxation experience. She also specializes in lymphatic drainage, prenatal massage, and medical and oncology massage.


Kimberly believes that massage is an effective holistic treatment for every client. She has a passion for working with clients receiving medical and surgical care, by focusing on easing stress, anxiety, and pain. She loves combining her massage techniques with lymphatic drainage to assist the body during recovery.


Kimberly also works as a massage instructor at WellSpring School of Allied Health. Ever since beginning her journey, Kimberly knew she wanted to help educate future massage therapists. Her favorite subject to teach is Sports Massage.

She is an avid hiker and athlete! When not teaching or massaging, you'll find her either at the gym or on the trail seeking her next adventure.

Available for appointments at the Brookside + Lenexa location.

Joshua Holgate Profile Pic.png



Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Cupping, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release

As a licensed massage therapist, Joshua's commitment to promoting holistic health and healing stems from a personal experience. About 11 years ago, he suffered a back injury that opened his eyes to the healing power of massage throughout his healing process. 

Joshua brings with him a rich background of massage experience from his years at a high-end spa and a bustling massage center. His expertise ranges from Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to specialized techniques like Hot Stone, Cupping, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release. 

His passion is to help clients recover from discomfort, tension, muscle strain, stiffness, soreness, distress, fatigue and to find solutions to help the transition from seeking relief to enjoying the therapeutic and relaxing experience of massage.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.


Trauma-Informed Senior LMT, NASM-CES, Yomassage Therapist 

Naomi Peterson

Prenatal & Postpartum, Specializes in Cupping, Trauma Informed, + Yomassage

Naomi graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health in 2017 with an even deeper passion to help people than when she first began. She awakened into her calling to massage therapy after a life journey that led her into a passion to help people get "unstuck" in their tissues, body, and emotions. She is passionate about teaching her clients to become aware of their bodies and to be present in their emotions with whatever modality needed. 


With 200 hours of trauma-informed yoga teacher training, corrective exercise training through NASM CES, 25 hours of Yomassage training and certification, and a foundation of massage therapy training including spa treatments and aromatherapy, Naomi supports her masterful bodywork with wellness practices like mindful breathwork, emotional release, stretching, and exercise strengthening.

Naomi is thrilled to join the Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork team and offer her specialties in sports massage, Asian cupping, deep tissue massage, relaxation and other blends of bodywork. She is also excited to add Yomassage into her offerings "because it is beneficial for everyone!" It is a massage modality that combines mindfulness and breathing with supportive, restorative stretches and therapeutic touch to bring the client into a deep relaxation.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.

Lana Dahl image.jpg


Lana Dahl

Advanced CranioSacral Therapist (cst)

Lana joins the Lifestyle Team as our CranialSacral Therapist with over 30 years of experience after having worn many hats in her adventurous life. In the 80’s she personally received CranioSacral therapy (CST) for migraines, panic attacks, and a host of other conditions Lana suffered from as a result of a severe fall at age 5. After receiving CST, she became migraine free (and has been for 30 years) which captivated her and motivated her to pursue this healing modality herself. 


Lana studied with the Upledger Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, serving as a teaching assistant for various classes. Her focus is to bring relief from the suffering related to injuries, traumas, and life issues as well as to enrich the lives she touches.


Lana worked as an Assistant Hospital Chaplain in a Chicago hospital before moving to the Seattle area. There in Seattle, she worked at her private practice as well as clinical settings for 30+ years treating a variety of conditions and seeing many lives completely changed through the healing and powerful work of CranioSacral therapy.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.



Bethany King

Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work, Myofascial Release, Injury Recovery, Integrated Energy Work

Bethany graduated from Massage Therapy Training Institute in 2010 and has been passionate about the body's ability to heal itself, and how massage contributes to these outcomes. Through years of lived experience and Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Kansas, Bethany values the brain-body connection and the power of diet, movement, and thoughts on muscles and tissue. Everything is connected, so let's treat it that way. Bethany has years of experience working with a wide range of goals including pediatrics, seniors, prenatal, and post-workout. From her past experience serving in the United States Air Force, Bethany's passion to do everything with purpose motivates her to find lasting solutions that improve the quality of life for each person who walks in the door. It is her pleasure to be a part of your healthcare team.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.

Nicholas Hart Pic.PNG


Nicholas Hart

Prenatal, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones + Cupping Therapy

Nicholas Graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health’s Massage therapy program in August of 2018. From there he continued to earn his Master of Massage Therapy Associates of Occupational Science degree in February of 2019.

He loves being a massage therapist. His greatest joy is being able to help people along on their healing journey whether that be helping someone recover from an injury or surgery, or just helping someone
relax after a stressful time. He specializes in deep tissue, Swedish massage, fire cupping, and prenatal massage. 


Fire cupping is an exhilarating but also relaxing experience that Nicholas has specialized in for nearly five years. It works into your soft tissues, softens restricted fascia, and gives you similar results as a deep tissue massage without the pain. This is perfect for people who love the benefits of a deep tissue massage but their bodies may be too sensitive for the pressure that comes from deep tissue work. Nicholas loves this modality and looks forward to providing it for current and for new clients.  

With over four years of experience Nicholas Is confident in his skills to collaborate with clients and completely customize a massage to meet their needs.

Available for appointments at the Brookside location.

IMG_4884 (1).jpg


Diana Carroll

Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Hot Stones Therapy

Diana is a 2023 graduate of the Paul Mitchell The School Esthetician & Massage Program.

Being a life-long learner, Diana’s expertise is quite varied. She grew up in a political family that owned a farm & bakery. Diana also worked as a model, so both of these opportunities gave her experience working with the public. She managed a health food restaurant and created all kinds of delicious natural soups and sandwiches. Diana continues to be a student of nutrition and alternative health. She is a big believer that the body can heal itself—you just may need a bit of assistance from time to time.

While being a single mom, Diana progressed to working at a private international boarding school for 20+ years. She held many positions: as a graphic artist and instructor, creating the AV lab and yearbooks with students. She moved on to being the Director of Marketing in the beginning era of the Internet. Again she advanced to the Director of Re-Enrollment and Giving —this was tough due to the 2008 housing and banking crisis.

It was at this time stress took a toll on her body! Besides giving chair massage to co-workers in her same position, she realized it was a futile road of ill health. She healed her body with exercise and nutrition, changed careers to managing health and fitness clubs and worked as a personal trainer helping others get healthy and fit. Then Covid came and health clubs shuttered.

Diana reinvented herself and received her license to sell Medicare plans. Finding this work unfulfilling, Diana went back to school and received her license providing massage and esthetician services. Coming full circle she is very happy to be providing these services and education to the public.

Available at Brookside

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