Mary Beth Mosteller, LMT
Owner / founder

Mary Beth is the founder of Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork. She grew up in a family with a Mediterranean influence where demonstrative touch was normative, healing and nurturing. She always had an affinity toward healthcare, healing touch, and nutrition. After graduating college with a BA in Spanish and International Studies, she pursued massage therapy after years of that nagging "what if?" Instantly she found her tribe.

After graduating from WellSpring School of Allied Health in January 2013, she has practiced massage therapy full-time in a chiropractic office setting to pursue coming alongside of people in their wellness journeys. Her passion is to give clients the best outcome through client-centered massage therapy where she listens to the clients as well as what their bodies tell her. She loves to customize the massage experience through a blend of modalities while keeping the client in the parasympathetic response. She is certified in perinatal massage as well as trained as a massage doula (labor support). She has pursued continuing education certifications in myofascial release, advanced Asian cupping, sports massage, and trigger point therapy. Mary Beth enjoys incorporating a variety of modalities like deep tissue, Asian cupping, myofascial work and neuromuscular therapy for her client's best response.

Mary Beth and her husband Terry are both small business owners so they have a passion to support local companies especially in Kansas City. Her husband Terry has his own solo practice law firm focusing on nonprofits and small business. They have 2 darling children Lawson (8) and Georgia (6) that keep them busy as well as laughing.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa (M/TH) and Brookside (T/F) locations.

BRE T.jpg

Bre Tedesco, LMT
Lead therapist, deep tissue, sports

Known as the "Stretch Professor," Bre takes deep tissue massage and bodywork to the next

level with her PNF stretching, intentional breathwork, RTR percussive work, and a peaceful presence.  You will feel inches taller after a stretch session with this pro.

One of her favorite parts about massage is the opportunity to deeply connect with her

clients and their needs as well as the opportunity to offer client-focused care.

Having been a massage therapist for over 8 years, it is no wonder Bre gets such incredible

results from reading her clients' bodies. Her clients love the way she blends elements

of relaxation into the deeply therapeutic styles of deep tissue bodywork.

On her days off, you'll find Bre shooting guns, grilling, having fun on float trips, or participating in anything that has to do with fruit and ice cream. She loves to play at the pool, take big nature walks and has a lot of interest in the healing powers of crystals.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.


Naomi Peterson, LMT
Trauma Informed, YoMassage, Prenatal & Postpartum

Naomi graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health in 2017 with an even deeper passion to help people than when she first began. She awakened into her calling to massage therapy after a life journey that lead her into a passion to help people get "unstuck" in their tissues, body, and emotions. She is passionate about teaching her clients to become aware of their bodies and to be present in their emotions with whatever modality needed. 


With 200 hours of trauma-informed yoga teacher training, corrective exercise training through NASM CES, 25 hours of YoMassage training and certification, and a foundation of massage therapy training including spa treatments and aromatherapy, Naomi supports her masterful bodywork with wellness practices like mindful breathwork, emotional release, stretching, and exercise strengthening.

Naomi is thrilled to join the Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork team and offer her specialities in sports massage, Asian cupping, deep tissue massage, relaxation and other blends of bodywork. She is also excited to add YoMassage into her offerings "because it is beneficial for everyone!" It is a massage modality that combines mindfulness and breathing with supportive, restorative stretches and therapeutic touch to bring the client into a deep relaxation.

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.

Lana Dahl image.jpg

Lana Dahl, BA, LMT
advanced craniosacral therapist

Lana joins the Lifestyle Team as our CranialSacral Therapist with over 30 years experience after having worn many hats in her adventurous life. In the 80’s she personally received CranioSacral therapy (CST) for migraines, panic attacks, and a host of other conditions Lana suffered from as a result of a severe fall at age 5. After receiving CST, she became migraine free (and has been for 30 years) which captivated her and motivated her to pursue this healing modality herself. 


Lana studied with the Upledger Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, serving as a teaching assistant for various classes. Her focus is to bring relief from the suffering related to injuries, traumas, and life issues as well as to enrich the lives she touches.


Lana worked as an Assistant Hospital Chaplain in a Chicago hospital before moving to the Seattle area. There in Seattle, she worked at her private practice as well as clinical settings for 30+ years treating a variety of conditions and seeing many lives completely changed through the healing and powerful work of CranioSacral therapy..

Available for appointments at the Lenexa location.


   Nicole Dominguez, LMT
Prenatal and Postpartum, Deep tissue, Ultimate Relaxation

Nicole graduated from the Stone School of Massage in 2014 and still, 8 years later, she experiences how rewarding a career in the massage field is. The joy she takes in walking beside someone in their healing journey or even an hour of solitude and rest from the business of life has only deepened over the years of experience as a licensed massage therapist.


Nicole has a unique lulling tempo and flow that brings continuity to her clients’ whole bodies, and she uses her training in trigger point therapy, sports massage, stretching, prenatal and postpartum, and cupping modalities to blend her session into just what her client needs. Her very favorite aspect of massage is seeing client after client leaving the session rested and refreshed with hope invigorated with the body's healing power.

Available for appointments at the Brookside location.


Alexis atwell, LMT
deep tissue, prenatal

Alexis has a passion for wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. She believes each is connected and has an effect on the other components. Therefore, she desires to help facilitate balancing & healing of the body through massage. Her technique is best described as a sweet combination of both clinical and relaxation. There are a variety of methods Alexis learned while in training at Wellspring School of Allied Health such as cupping, deep tissue, and sports massage to name a few. She merges a handful of these styles with each session in order to reach the most requisite outcome for the client. Alexis’s most treasured facet of her career is when she gets to walk with the same clients over a period of time and see the progress in their wellness as a result of her work. 

Available for appointments at the Brookside location.

Celia Rodriguez Profile Picture.png

CELIA Rodrigeuz, LMT                                                          Deep tissue, Cupping, sports

Celia Rodriguez graduated with honors from the Wellspring School of Allied Health in 2017.   As a practitioner she does her best to assist and invite clients to actively participate in their own health. She uses a blend of techniques to create a custom massage to help regain balance back into her clients' lives.


Celia's positive energy and desire to serve is contagious. She is passionate about bodywork and believes that everyone has the right to a damn good massage. 

Her why: "I feel like it's my calling and my craft. My way of helping the world one shoulder at a time."