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20 Trending Reasons to Try Infrared Saunas in Prairie Village


20 Trending Reasons to Try Infrared Saunas in Prairie Village--At Lifestyle Massage, we're always on the lookout for innovative approaches to health and wellness that align with our commitment to offering our clients the best and most effective treatments. While our Prairie Village therapeutic massage has explored various modalities over the years, from traditional massage therapies to cutting-edge wellness trends, our journey led us to experiment with cryotherapy as a means to enhance health and well-being.

Cryotherapy, known for its use of extreme cold to provoke the body's natural healing processes, offered an intriguing contrast to our typically warmth-oriented treatments. We gave cryotherapy a fair chance, recognizing its potential benefits for those who incorporate it regularly into their wellness routines.

However, if there's one thing we've learned, it's the importance of personal comfort in the healing process. To be frank, the cold is not everyone's cup of tea. Each session, stepping into that frigid chamber for three minutes, was a test of endurance for us. Despite the promised post-session exhilaration, the apprehension and discomfort during the treatment often overshadowed the benefits.

This experience sparked our curiosity about alternative wellness trends that could offer similar benefits without the discomfort of extreme cold. That's when we discovered the transformative power of infrared saunas. The concept of achieving the remarkable benefits associated with cryotherapy, but in a warm and comforting environment, immediately resonated with us. Infrared saunas presented an opportunity to detoxify, improve circulation, aid muscle recovery, and so much more—all within the soothing embrace of gentle heat.


Infrared Saunas in Prairie Village



As a business dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of our clients, Lifestyle Massage is excited to share our journey from the icy grip of cryotherapy to the warm, welcoming glow of infrared saunas in Prairie Village. This transition reflects our broader philosophy: wellness should not only be effective but also enjoyable and accessible. Through this blog post, we invite you to learn more about the incredible benefits of infrared saunas and why we believe they represent a significant step forward in holistic health practices.


How It Operates

You may wonder why, though. These devices, in contrast to conventional saunas, release infrared light rays, which are felt as heat but are invisible to the human eye. By blocking out the sun's damaging UV rays, infrared saunas in Prairie Village offer a healthy, safe sweat.

Because these "Vital Rays" can penetrate deeply into muscles, joints, and tissue, it is believed that they have regenerative effects on the human body. Detoxification is, of course, one of the most evident advantages of sweating.


Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Although the high temperature in a regular sauna also makes you sweat, infrared saunas have seven times the detoxifying power. Infrared saunas also help with pain relief, skin rejuvenation, immune system enhancement, circulation improvement (which aids in wound healing), weight loss, blood pressure reduction, and promoting restful sleep. As a result, doctors now strongly advise utilizing infrared saunas for anything from stress relief and chronic illness recovery to post-workout recuperation.

We are constantly surrounded by a plethora of chemicals, so this is a great way to clear your body of heavy metals and dangerous pollutants while also removing impurities from your cells.

Here’s some of the top benefits of using infrared saunas:

  1. Detoxification: Infrared saunas in Prairie Village help the body release toxins through deep sweating.

  2. Relaxation: They provide a calm environment to relax and reduce stress levels.

  3. Improved Circulation: The heat from infrared saunas in Prairie Village increases blood flow, similar to the effects of exercise.

  4. Weight Loss: Sessions can burn calories by increasing heart rate and metabolic rate.

  5. Pain Relief: Infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints, and muscles, reducing pain and soreness.

  6. Skin Purification: Sweating opens pores and helps clear out impurities, improving skin health.

  7. Muscle Recovery: Enhanced circulation promotes faster healing of muscle injuries.

  8. Boosted Immune System: Regular use may strengthen the immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells.

  9. Stress Reduction: The warmth and seclusion offer a great way to unwind, lowering cortisol levels.

  10. Better Sleep: Many users report improved sleep patterns after sessions involving infrared saunas in Prairie Village, possibly due to relaxation and temperature effects.

  11. Cardiovascular Health: The heart rate increase mimics cardiovascular exercise, supporting heart health.


Infrared Saunas in Prairie Village

Thinking of trying a sauna?
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  1. Mood Enhancement: Heat stress may release endorphins, improving mood and overall well-being.

  2. Reduced Inflammation: Infrared saunas can decrease inflammation, benefiting those with chronic conditions like arthritis.

  3. Lower Blood Pressure: Regular sessions with infrared saunas in Prairie Village can lead to lower blood pressure by promoting dilation of blood vessels.

  4. Enhanced Lung Function: Deep breathing in the heat can improve respiratory function and capacity.

  5. Improved Joint Mobility: Heat helps to reduce stiffness in the joints, improving flexibility and mobility.

  6. Elevated Growth Hormone Levels: Heat stress can increase levels of growth hormone, which is important for regeneration and growth.

  7. Reduction in Chronic Fatigue Symptoms: Some people with chronic fatigue syndrome have noted symptom relief after using infrared saunas in Prairie Village.

  8. Increased Metabolism: The body's effort to cool itself during a session burns calories, similar to moderate exercise. 


Need Time Alone Together?


Consistent self-care becomes more difficult to implement at each new phase of life. Your well-being and your family's hang in the balance, but let's face it, our schedules rarely sync. Fret not, our highly skilled massage therapists have mastered an array of techniques to help you conquer your health goals through the power of massage. It's like a spa day. 


Infrared Saunas in Prairie Village


Our massage services are so good, even our customers can't contain their praise! They've crowned us the kings of relaxation in Lenexa and Kansas City. Now, we offer therapeutic massage in Prairie Village, too!

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