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A Few Things to Know Before You Try Some of the Best Cupping Therapy in Overland Park

Have you considered trying some of the best cupping therapy in Overland Park? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind before you schedule your first appointment.

If you are thinking about scheduling a cupping appointment, you probably have already heard about it and its many benefits. Cupping is an ancient Chinese medicine that has been made popular recently by athletes and celebrities. However, this therapy has been around much longer than Michael Phelps or Jennifer Aniston. In fact, it is well over 2,000 years old. In modern times, people use cupping therapy for relaxation, injury recover, and inflammation reduction. It can be used alone or alongside some of the best massage in Overland Park.

If your interest is piqued, here are a few things to keep in mind before you schedule your first treatment.

There are different types of cupping.

There are a few different types of cupping. In static cupping, the cups are left in the same place for the duration of the treatment. In dynamic cupping, lotion that the therapist puts on your skin allows the cups to be moved to different areas of your body. Also, there are different ways to create suction within the cups. Some treatments use fire or heat to generate suction in the cups. Others use special machines that will such air out, creating a low pressure, and thus suction, within the cups.

Cupping is quick.

While some of the best Swedish massage in Overland Park can take upwards of an hour out of your day, cupping is much quicker. In fact, the process typically takes about ten minutes total. Cupping is often an additional service to a massage though, so scheduling it along with a convenient massage in Corporate Woods will reduce your drive time and minimally impact your day.

Cupping is, in essence, a reverse massage.

During what some clients call the best deep tissue massage in Overland Park, a massage therapist uses pressure on your body to reduce stress and tension in your muscles. Cupping is, in essence, just the opposite; it is a decompressive force that uses suction to lift the restricted soft tissues apart from each other. While it sounds painful, and the sensation is unique, it does not hurt as you might think. In fact, although some people do say it is uncomfortable, the results are worth it. The suction creates flexibility in your fascia and muscles and allows your muscles to recover more quickly, in part by increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Cupping is not just for your back.

While the back is the most common area, cupping can also be applied to other areas, like your thighs, hamstrings, and arms. In truth, cupping can be applied to almost any part of your body. Some studies have even shown that cupping can be an effective treatment for chronic neck pain and knee pain.

Finding some of the best cupping therapy in Overland Park will help ensure you get the best results.

Making sure that you are using a therapist who is trained and qualified is incredibly important when it comes to cupping therapy. If you have more questions, would like to learn more, or are ready to schedule your first cupping session, call Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork at 913-942-0340.

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