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How Does Some of the Best Sports Massage Therapy in Overland Park Compare to a Typical Massage?

As you probably already know, sports and any intense physical activity can cause fatigue, soreness, and tension within your muscles. Sore, tired muscles can leave your body more susceptible to injury due to repeated strain. Fortunately, what some people call the best sports massage in Overland Park can help reduce the likelihood of injury. There are even various sports massage techniques that can be tailored to the type of activity or specific areas of concern for each person.

How does a sports massage compare to some of the best Swedish massage or the best deep tissue massage in Overland Park?

In a sports massage, a massage therapist is trained to isolate specific muscles and areas that tend to be taxed and stressed based on your particular activities and strain on your body. There are some massage techniques specific to sports massage that will target muscle groups that tend to tighten and tense from repeated movements by athletes in different sports. For example, a downhill skier tends to have more tension in his or her upper legs and lower back. A massage therapist will be able to target these areas and reduce the likelihood of injury due to overuse. In contrast, the pitcher on a baseball team will have more stress in his upper back and shoulders, making these areas places a therapist will provide more focus.

While some of the best massage in Overland Park can also focus on specific areas, in a typical massage, the therapist will tend to massage the full body. A therapist will focus on areas of particular concern to the individual, but some people are so used to regions being stressed that they become used to the pain. By scheduling a sports massage and sharing information about your activities, your therapist will be able to tailor techniques specific to the areas in your body that not only feel sore, but that tend to be overused and may be tense and taxed without your realization.

Scheduling a sports massage near Corporate Woods is a convenient way to add healing to your day. A sports massage can significantly reduce your risk of injury and can also reduce the time it takes for your muscles to recover. Not only will massage help prevent muscle injuries, but they can also help mitigate potential debilitating injuries to your tendons. A sports massage can also help you heal from a previous injury by increasing blood flow and reducing lactic acid in that area.

Different Types of Sports Massages

There are different types of sports massages, or at least, different times that a sports massage can be highly beneficial to your athletic performance.

By scheduling a sports massage before a big game, race, or event will help your muscles stay loose and help prevent injury during the event. Additionally, a massage after your big game or activity will help you recover from sore, tense muscles more quickly. Many marathon runners will use massage as a way to improve their muscles recover after a lengthy, grueling race.

Restorative sports massages will target specific muscle groups that have been overused over the course of a season, helping them recover during the offseason. Particular massages to help with injury rehab are also available. These will help your body recover more quickly and more fully from an injury. They can also help you regain mobility and strength from past injuries.

Sports massage can be a healthy, beneficial addition to your current training program. If you are interested in scheduling what some of our client call the best sports massage in Overland Park, call Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork at 913-942-0340.

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