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Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City, Do I Need it?

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City, Do I Need it? People who regularly get massages fall into a couple of categories—those who want a deep tissue massage and those who fear getting a Kansas City deep tissue massage. There are horror stories of people taking a vacation to a spa and requesting a deep tissue massage only not even to be able to move the next day. Or, some people think that if they get one, they can’t do anything because they will be too sore.

So what is a deep tissue massage in Kansas City, and when do I need one? Read on for the answer and more important information about this popular practice.

Muscles are layered on top of one another. Some muscles are right on the surface, like your abdominal muscles. Then some are very deep, like your deep hip flexor. So, a deep tissue massage in Kansas City implies that your therapist should be working with those deeper muscles that are layers deep. The ones that are below the surface.

So, what is the problem?

There is a time and place for a deep tissue massage in Kansas City. The problem is everyone has a different idea of what it means exactly. Some therapists go after the deeper layers, and some think it means trigger point work. That means they just increase the pressure. The client needs to communicate what they want.

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

Does it have to hurt?

No, a massage should never really hurt unless you want it to. Some clients say they do not want any pain, and if you do not, a deep tissue massage may not be the kind of massage you should request. The client and therapist should communicate under pressure and do this regularly to ensure a massage is what they want. A good therapist will be good at warming and softening the tissue layer by layer and decreasing the pain of a deep tissue massage in Kansas City. This makes the massage more pleasing.

When is a Kansas City deep tissue massage suggested?

This is an excellent massage for athletes and those recovering from an injury. It can also be very beneficial for those with chronic pain or sitting at a computer for long periods. A deep tissue massage in Kansas City is most effective when performed regularly.

If you are unsure what type of massage is best for you, look no further than Lifestyle Massage in Kansas City. We are professional massage therapists who want to help you decrease your pain, increase circulation, and improve your sleep quality. Call us today to come up with a treatment plan just for you.


Lifestyle Massage in Kansas City offers stress-relieving services to suit every stage of life. Are you expecting a baby and looking for the best prenatal massage in Kansas City? We can help with that. Are you spending all day on your feet and just overstressed? Try a deep tissue massage in Kansas City. What if you just want a relaxing day with your significant other? Wind down your week with a couple’s massage in Kansas City.

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

We are here to offer you relaxation, self-care, and well-being. Whether through deep tissue, sports, or craniosacral massage, our team will have you feeling like you’re ready to take on anything!

Are you looking for the best massage in Kansas City? Lifestyle Massage boasts two convenient locations in Lenexa and Brookside. Fill out a new client form here, send an email to, or call 913-942-0340 to schedule your appointment.

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City


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