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Post-Massage Stretches To Enhance Your Treatment

If you regularly perform physical activity, exercise, or play sports, you have probably been advised to stretch before and after in order to stay healthy and strong. Getting one of the best massages in Overland Park is no different. Although they are incredibly relaxing, massages can be hard on your body, and stretching before and after can keep your muscles healthy, and enhance your overall massage experience. Stretches help reduce the risk of tearing, straining or injuring your muscles and joints. Whether you are receiving one of the best couples massage in Overland Park, or the best deep tissue massage in Overland Park, stretching will enhance your entire experience!

Stretching after an exercise helps to preserve the effects the activity had on your body. It keeps your muscles from seizing up and losing their strength and elasticity. In the same way, stretching helps preserve the effects that the best massage in Overland Park had on your muscles as well. Although athletes and other active people may stand to benefit from stretching after bodywork, anyone can enhance the effects of a treatment by regularly stretching. Learn more by reaching out to your massage therapist for the right stretches to perform after a massage, or even the best cupping therapy in Overland Park.

Post-Massage Stretching To Do At Home

Your stretching routine will always depend on your body’s limitations and your massage therapist’s guidelines. Remembering to move slowly, and maintain a steady breathing pattern throughout your stretches. Most stretches are designed to be performed alone, but it can be a lot of fun to perform these stretches as a couple after receiving one of the best couples massages in Overland Park. Keep stretching, and be creative!

  • Standing Arm Pull + Bend: Stand with positive spine alignment, meaning that your hips are over your ankles with relaxed knees. Stretch your arms overhead and alternate reaching the fingertips of each of your hands up higher and higher. Remember to keep your arms stretched above your head and lean side to side. This stretch should give a feeling in your ribs and oblique muscles. This kind of stretch can be incredibly relaxing after one of the best deep tissue massages in Overland Park.

  • Forward Fold: To perform this stretch, slowly bend at the waist, while keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed. This is a simple stretch and can be great following any massage. We put a lot of stress on our backs throughout the day, and this stretch can help relieve some of that tension. When you return to your upright standing position, move slowly, and remember to breathe slowly and consistently.

  • Knee Hold: To perform this stretch correctly, lie on your back, and bring one of your knees up to your chest and hold it in that place with clasped hands. There are other variations of this stretch, where you take your out to the side, away from your body. This is called the hip opener.

All of these stretches are great to help renew your muscles, and to help heal your muscles after a workout or massage. These massages are even great for the best cupping therapy in Overland Park. Stretching is always helpful, healthy, and should hopefully leave you happy! To learn more healthy bodywork tips and tricks, contact Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork at (913) 942-0340 today!

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