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The Relationship Benefits of a Couples Massage in Kansas City

The Relationship Benefits of a Couples Massage in Kansas City Everyone loves a massage. There is a lengthy list of health benefits of massage therapy in general. However, what about couples massage in Kansas City? Sure, both of you are enjoying the individual benefits, but what about together? Does couples massage benefit your relationship in any extra way? It sure does! Read on to discover the number of ways booking some of the best couples massages in Overland Park with us at Lifestyle Massage & Bodywork can help improve your relationship.

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couple’s massage in Kansas City

Couple's massage in Kansas City allows you to reconnect:

Most days, you and your partner are rushed. You’re busy with work, taking care of your home, maybe even kids and pets and hobbies, all vying for your time. When you can spend time together, it can be hard not to focus on to-do lists and daily responsibilities. Esther Boykin is a licensed therapist focusing on marriage and family. She says that a couple’s massage allows a couple to focus on the present giving them the opportunity to connect easily. The mindfulness that comes from a massage can be continued into their day-to-day lives.

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Couple's massage in Kansas Cityy can increase feelings of love and affection:

Stef Safran, the owner of a social networking and matchmaking service in Chicago, says that receiving a massage causes the body to release a number of hormones that can increase feelings of love, intimacy, closeness, and affection. These hormones include oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Sharing what some say is the best couples massage in Overland Park with your partner can foster increased feelings of love and affection towards each other.

Couple's massage in Kansas City encourages intimate feelings:

One of the obvious benefits of any massage is relaxation, both for your body and mind. As Carole Lieberman, MD states, the relaxation and good feelings you get from a massage allow you to release anxiety and let down your guard around your partner.

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Couple's massage in Kansas City nurtures bonding Some people are nervous about trying massage. We understand that! We offer some of the best massages in Overland Park, and our highly trained and licensed massage therapists are ready to ease any of your fears. Additionally, branching out and trying new activities as a couple is proven to increase bonding. If you or your partner are apprehensive about your first massage experience, what better way to try something new than as a couple?

couple’s massage in Kansas City

With every life stage comes the challenge of practicing consistent self-care. Your well-being depends on it, but our calendars don't always agree. Let our team of experienced massage therapists walk with you on the journey to your best health through a variety of massage modalities and specialties to achieve your best outcome. Whether that is with your significant other through a couple’s massage in Kansas City, or maybe you are so bold as to try our cupping therapy in Kansas City.


Some of our past and current patients say we give the best massage in Overland Park. Whether it's a deep tissue massage in Kansas City, sports massage, or prenatal massage, if you're looking for a massage near Corporate Woods, we'd love to connect with you. Contact us at 913.942.0340 or fill out a form here. Get started today.

couple’s massage in Kansas City


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