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Need a Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City?

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

A sports massage, also known as a deep tissue massage in Kansas City, is designed to release toxins from muscles that have been abused for too long. Therapeutic massages in Kansas City can do the same thing; they are just less intense. Either of these therapies can be used for those who suffer from tight and tense muscles.

The benefits of a therapeutic massage in Kansas City or a deep tissue massage include improved range of motion and loosening of the muscles. The results create a rejuvenated feeling, and your body's stress level is diminished. Therapeutic massage in Kansas City involves hands-on stimulation of the soft tissues to increase blood flow.

Massage therapists know what is best for your current pain and can direct you to the type of massage you should be getting.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

· Therapeutic massage in Kansas City benefits your physical and mental health; a massage can help you by releasing chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins

· Blocking pain signals

· Reducing muscle stiffness and tension

· Increasing flexibility and range of motion

· Lowering blood pressure

· Reducing stress and anxiety

· Promoting circulation and eliminating toxins

· Speeding up the healing process

Therefore, therapeutic massage in Kansas City promotes your health naturally, increasing endorphins and taking the stress out of your muscles. Massage has a positive effect on nearly all body processes, including circulation, lymphatic drainage, and digestion.

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

Conditions That Can Be Treated with a Deep Tissue Massage

There are many conditions that can be treated by a deep tissue massage in Kansas City. The following are the more common ones:

· Post-surgical pain

· Bursitis

· Back pain

· Arthritis

· Sore muscles

· Fibromyalgia

· Migraines

Regular massage treatments at Lifestyle Massage are recommended to keep these symptoms under control. Beyond treating these conditions, therapeutic massage can improve your quality of life during illness or injury.

Risks of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a naturally safe treatment with minimal side effects. You may experience temporary discomfort, but the massage therapists at Lifestyle Massage know what they are doing. Very rarely, you might develop a deep vein thrombosis or bruise. Patients with severe medical conditions should always get their doctor's approval before starting any massage regime.

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

Lifestyle Massage in Kansas City offers stress-relieving services to suit every stage of life. Are you expecting a baby and looking for the best prenatal massage in Kansas City? We can help with that. Are you spending all day on your feet and just overstressed? Try infrared saunas in Kansas City. What if you just want a relaxing day with your significant other? Wind down your week with a couple’s massage in Kansas City.

We are here to offer you relaxation, self-care, and well-being. Whether through deep tissue, sports, or craniosacral massage, our team will have you feeling like you’re ready to take on anything!

Deep Tissue Massage in Kansas City

Are you looking for the best massage in Kansas City? Lifestyle Massage boasts two convenient locations in Lenexa and Brookside. Fill out a new client form here, send an email to, or call 913-942-0340 to schedule your appointment.


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