How Massage Helps 4 Different Areas of Your Body

Many people tend to carry stress in areas like our neck, back, and shoulders. These are the areas we tend to most consider when getting a massage. Muscle relaxation in these areas can help you feel better. However, there are many other areas of your body that you may overlook when scheduling a massage. If you are looking for some of the best massage in Overland Park, focusing on a few of these areas can open a whole new massage experience.

1. Ears

getting ears massaged help reduce anxiety

Did you know that aside from just being hearing organs, our ears are also reflex points? Having your ears massaged, or even rubbing them yourself, can relax your entire body and act as a great stress reducer.

The area on the top of the ear closest to the head is called the Shen Men (shown below). The Shen Men is a highly sensitive spot for reducing anxiety. Some cultures, like the Chinese, find that this pressure point can bring immediate peace and calm, reduce stress, and even take away headaches. Press the spot firmly for one minute while taking deep breaths, then switch ears.

best massage point to reduce anxiety

The next time you call us to schedule some of the best Swedish massage in Overland Park, you can talk to your massage therapist about spending some time on your ears to enjoy maximum stress relief and relaxation!

2. Thumbs

Our hands are often one of the most used and most ignored parts of our body. We are using them constantly every, single day. Our fingers, and specifically our thumbs, are the main part of our hand that allows us to get through our daily lives. If we did not have thumbs as we do, we would never be able to hold or throw a ball, grip a pencil, pick up our kids, or any of the other day to day tasks we take for granted.

Did you know that in your thumb alone there are eight muscles working non-stop? Aside from muscles, there are billions of nerves and pain receptors. Our fingers can be considered one of the windows into our health for this reason. Just massaging your fingers, however, can significantly relieve tension across your entire body. Whenever your fingers or hands begin to feel stiff and achy, give them a quick massage for some immediate relief. Additionally, if you are already coming in for what some people call the best deep tissue massage in Overland Park, ask your therapist to give your hands, fingers, and especially your thumbs some extra attention.

thumbs up

3. Wrists

Much like our hands, our wrists are being used all the time, but are often neglected. Directly below your wrist, you will find a pressure point called the Pericardium 6.

If your heart is racing and you can’t calm down, massaging the Pericardium 6 can help slow your heart rate and allow you to find calm. Additionally, even the small act of snapping a rubber band on your wrist can help calm you down. That is why this practice is common among people who suffer from anxiety.

best massage point on wrist to help calm down

For even more relief, ask your therapist to add a quick wrist massage to some of the best sports massage in Overland Park to help give your heart and mind a much-needed break.

4. Gut

best massage point on back for aiding gut health

With the recent rise in popularity of gut-health aides such as kombucha, kiefer, fermented foods, and probiotics, it should not be a surprise to learn that there are direct scientific connections between the health of your gut, ease of digestion, and your overall health.

Recent research shows that even receiving massage therapy to your stomach and gut areas can help digestion. Massage helps blood reach various parts of your body and helps restore your organs to full function. In your gut and stomach, massage helps increase mobility and peristalsis, thus making digestion easier and making you feel great. While exercise can also be a great help, we often find ourselves tied to desks and not being as active as we would like. If you are having one of those days (or weeks, or months, or even years), call us to schedule what many call the best massage in Overland Park, and your massage therapist will be happy to spend some time on your stomach and abdomen.

Overall, no matter what areas you focus on, massage can be a great way to improve your overall health, reduce stress, and provide the ultimate relaxation. If you’re looking for a fantastic massage near Corporate Woods, call us today. We will work with your schedule to get you on your way to health and restoration.