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Therapeutic Massage in Kansas City and Stretching Afterwards

Therapeutic Massage in Kansas City and Stretching Afterwards--After receiving a therapeutic massage in Kansas City, have you ever considered doing some stretching techniques?

Exercise combined with a deep tissue massage in Kansas City have comparable effects on the muscles. Similar to a vigorous movement, therapeutic massage in Kansas City can cause friction in the tissues and improve blood flow and circulation. Your muscles and tissues are pulled apart during a couple’s massage in Kansas City, which is why you may feel "loose" after a session. Additionally, massage therapy helps offset the compression and pull of gravity we experience on a daily basis, which may make you feel taller at Lifestyle Massage and Bodywork.

Stretching following treatment can increase flexibility, preserve the looseness in muscles and tissues, and keep joints mobile. Additionally, it will improve your tolerance for stretches; in general, any stretch gets easier the more you perform it. In order to optimize their own body mechanics during a therapeutic massage in Kansas City and lower their personal risk of strain, injury, and soreness, wise therapeutic massage therapists at Lifestyle also stretch both before and after the treatment.

Therapuetic massage in Kansas City


Easy At-Home Stretching After Your Therapeutic massage in Kansas City

The limitations of your body, the recommendations of your therapeutic massage therapist, and your personal objectives will all influence your routine. Breathe steadily, move slowly, and don't be afraid to adjust any stretches to make them more comfortable. Most stretches are meant to be done alone, but if you need help balancing, deepening the stretch, or creating resistance to build strength, feel free to ask a friend or partner for help after your couple’s massage in Kansas City.

·         Arm pull + bend while standing: Maintain proper spinal alignment by placing your hips over your ankles, your tailbone relaxed, your shoulders over your hips, and your ears over your shoulders. Extend your arms above your head and take turns lifting each hand's fingertips even farther. Lean from side to side while maintaining your arms extended above your head. Your oblique muscles and ribs should feel stretched. As you bend left, grab and pull your right wrist; similarly, as you bend right, pull on your left arm to deepen the stretch.


·         Forward fold: With your shoulders and arms relaxed, slowly bend at the waist. Allow gravity to decompress your spine by letting your upper body hang in place, without applying any force to your toes or the floor. You can ease tension by swaying gently from side to side. To avoid straining your neck trying to support your head, chin should come down to your chest. Regaining your standing position should be done very slowly, with your knees bent. Take the lead in this movement with your hips, allowing your head and shoulders to rise last and pile on top of your spine. 


·         Knee hold: With your hands clasped, raise one knee to your chest while you're on your back. Within 30 to 60 seconds, switch knees. Many people find that this stretch alone is quite beneficial; you can deepen it by applying pressure with your knee to your palms to create resistance. Other variations include twisting or extending your knee away from your body (hip opener) or crossing it over your other leg (leg opener).


·         Cat-cow: Assume the position of a table by placing your back parallel to the ground while on all fours. With your back to the floor and your forehead and tailbone pointing skyward, take a deep breath. Take a breath out, arch your back, and bring your nose up to your knees. Repeat while keeping your knees and palms on the floor, guided by your breath.

For more stretching tips, there are plenty of great options available on the web, especially via YouTube. If you want to look for or make another type of customized stretching routine, concentrate on low-impact exercises that don't require any special equipment, time, or space. Adjust your regimen to suit your needs and preferences. Ask a professional who specializes in therapeutic massage in Kansas City for their suggestions, let them any pain or injury you are currently dealing with, and where your stretching exercises will take place.



Therapuetic massage in Kansas City

Safety Measures for Stretching Activities

Never force yourself to move beyond what feels comfortable. You won't be doing your body any favors by hurrying the process of your range of motion expanding naturally over time. It's best to stop trying that specific stretch if it hurts and ask your therapeutic massage therapist for more advice.

It is best to combine these stretches with a therapeutic massage in Kansas City. Any stretch will probably help you in some way, but to get the best of both worlds and begin feeling better all around, combine these with bodywork treatments.




Need Time Alone Together?


Consistent self-care becomes more difficult to implement at each new phase of life. Your well-being and your family's hang in the balance, but let's face it, our schedules rarely sync. Fret not, our highly skilled massage therapists in Kansas City have mastered an array of techniques to help you conquer your health goals.

Through the power of therapeutic massage in Kansas City, we will provide a satisfying massage that you will want to schedule over and over again in the future. 


Therapuetic massage in Kansas City

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