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Can A Massage During Labor Reduce Stress & Ease Pain?

The results of receiving one of the best massages in Overland Park can range from meniscal to massive depending on the prior condition of the client. Whether you are suffering from back pain, or you are pregnant and carrying a child, a massage can help your body push through the challenges it's facing naturally with strength and endurance. The benefits of a massage for pregnant women are incredibly similar to those for everyone else. Massages, even the best prenatal massage in Overland Park, decreases anxiety, stress, muscle pain, while also increasing relaxation, and a general sense of wholeness and well-being.

There have been studies done, including one from the director of Orthomed Massage Clinic in Northborough, Massachusetts, Maryann Reid, who teaches that the stretching of the tissue surrounding the pelvis, lower back, intercostals, and lower extremity adductors is a great assistance during the birthing process. Think of it as an athlete warming up their arms and legs before a big game. It's the same for a woman preparing for labor; she has to stretch and warm up. Receiving one of the best prenatal massages in Overland Park is more than just relaxing, it's a warm-up for your big day!

Maryann says, “We find that many of our clients experience low back discomfort and imbalanced soft tissue due to the redistribution of weight and laxity of tendon ligament tissue.”

Receiving one of the best massages in Overland Park doesn't have to end once you leave the masseuse if your partner learns how to massage the back and the legs, your stress, and labor pain can be better maintained and organized. Experts often suggest to have your partner massage you, while you're lying on your side, during the first 15 minutes of every hour of labor.

Finding a partner to continue the work that your trusted masseuse began can be extremely helpful, and even be similar to receiving one of the best couples massages in Overland Park. Prenatal massages can be valuable, productive, and incredibly supportive before and during the labor process. Not only do they encourage pain relief and a decrease in stress, but they can help bond you and your partner during the entire process. To learn more healthy bodywork tips and tricks, contact Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork at (913) 942-0340 today!

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