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7 Ways to Relax Your Relationship with a Couple’s Massage in Kansas City

Couple's Massage in Kansas City

7 Ways to Relax Your Relationship with a Couple’s Massage in Kansas City Are you looking for a way to relax as a couple? Is the stress too high in your home? Is there much pressure at work? A couple’s massage in Kansas City holds a number of benefits for you and your significant other that take date night to the next level. Maybe you always enjoy dinner together but after about 20 minutes of eating you are sick of those boring dinner dates.

Why don’t the two of you decide on Kansas City therapeutic massage instead? To help you decide if this idea is right for you, here are a few benefits of a couple’s massage in Kansas City:

1.) Try Something New – Dinner dates get boring, and movies are the same just doing the same thing over and over after a while. The same goes for going to the movies. While the movie is always different, the process is always the same.

2.) Enjoy Quality Time – During the week, it's hard for you to find time to spend with your partner with daily distractions like bills, work, and family getting in the way. Even during your dinner date nights, you're tempted to check your phone constantly to read and answer emails from work.

3.) Reconnecting – There is a lot you have going on in the present that you're probably worried about, such as bills or the status of your job. It's not only the present that's keeping you stressed out but the past as well.

Couple's Massage in Kansas City


If you jump straight into dinner, you'll be so preoccupied with these things that you won't be able to have a proper conversation. During your couple’s massage in Kansas City, you'll be able to put all of that behind you and focus on the here and now. Sure, you're worried about being late on your rent, but that's a future problem.

4.) Lower Stress and Anxiety – Keeping the stress and anxiety out of your relationship might be an issue. To alleviate this, try a Kansas City therapeutic massage. This is especially true if you are being treated for anxiety. This is a wonderful way to push past your anxiety and bond with your partner.

5.) Encouraging Intimacy – A couple’s massage in Kansas City will not only increase the affection you feel for your partner on a passionate level but on a physical one as well.

6.) Bonding Experience – Putting a little novelty in your relationship can help you bond a bit more as a couple. Some people go on vacation, but if you don’t have the time, a couple’s massage in Kansas City can keep you occupied while you wait. A spa day though, that's a little easier on the wallet, and it's not as hard to make time for it.

7.) More Feeling of Affection – The hormones that are released during a massage do more than encourage stress-free communication. Touch stimulates your social hormones as well as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

If you are interested in bonding, achieving more closeness, and encouraging intimacy and romance in your relationship look no further than Lifestyle Massage & Bodywork. We have lots of different massages catering to your needs as a couple. Our couple’s massage in Kansas City is one of the best in the city, and we are ready to help you. Set up a routine visit to make you and your partner bond all year long.


Lifestyle Massage in Kansas City offers stress-relieving services to suit every stage of life. Are you expecting a baby and looking for the best prenatal massage in Kansas City? We can help with that. Are you spending all day on your feet and just overstressed? Try a deep tissue massage in Kansas City. What if you just want a relaxing day with your significant other? Wind down your week with a couple’s massage in Kansas City.

Couple's Massage in Kansas City

We are here to offer you relaxation, self-care, and well-being. Whether through deep tissue, sports, or craniosacral massage, our team will have you feeling like you’re ready to take on anything!

Are you looking for the best massage in Kansas City? Lifestyle Massage boasts two convenient locations in Lenexaand Brookside. Fill out a new client form here, send an email to, or call 913-942-0340 to schedule your appointment


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