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Why Water is Essential After a Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage

There are so many benefits your mind and body experience when you receive massage therapy, especially when it’s some of the Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage. You will experience stress relief, reduction in aches and pains, and overall relaxation through the reduction of stress hormones. However, you want to make sure you do everything you can to make the massage benefits last as long as possible.

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After you receive a massage near Corporate Woods from one of the highly trained massage therapists at Lifestyle Massage + Bodywork, you will likely be reminded to drink plenty of water over the next few days. Below, we will explain to you why drinking water after a massage is so important.

Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage

A Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage Can Dehydrate Your Body

Although some of the best sports massage in Overland Park can provide relaxation and stress relief, the constant kneading of your muscles to get rid of the soreness and tension can cause the fluid to move out of your muscles. This also explains why many people feel the need to go to the bathroom right after a massage. By making sure you drink much water after a massage, and for the next few days, you can help rehydrate your muscles.

Drinking Water After a Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage will Help Cut Down on Soreness

Even when you receive some of the Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage, soreness post-massage is very common. Your Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage has broken down or stripped out the restrictions in the tissue fibers--like what you accomplish when you work out)--and so in the same way your soft tissue is sore from those fibers being manipulated. Drinking water helps reduce this soreness and helps your muscles become soft, flexible, and hydrated again more quickly.

Post-Massage Water Will Help Detoxify Your Body

After receiving some of the Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage your body will still carry many of the toxins that have been released from your muscles during the massage. Your kidneys and other organs are working overtime to process these toxins and get them out of your body.

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Drinking water will help flush them through your organs and get them out of your body more quickly. In fact, water is the most natural detoxifier available! The more water you drink after receiving your massage near Corporate Woods, the better able your body will be to get rid of harmful toxins. If you have ever experienced a headache after a massage, it is typically the result of both dehydration and toxin build-up. By drinking plenty of water after your massage, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of experiencing a headache by hydrating your body and getting rid of toxins.

Not only will drinking water after a massage help, but drinking water before your massage will allow your massage therapist to more easily manipulate your softer muscle tissue. It will also give you a jump start on rehydrating after a massage!

Kansas City Deep Tissue Massage

With every life stage comes the challenge to practice consistent self-care. Your wellbeing depends on it, but our calendars don't always agree. Let our team of experienced massage therapists walk with you on the journey to your best health through a variety of massage modalities and specialties to achieve your best outcome. Whether that is with your significant other through couple’s massage in Kansas City or maybe you are so bold as to try our cupping therapy in Kansas City.


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