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What You Weren’t Expecting: Let Prenatal Massage Relieve Your Discomfort

Therapeutic Massage in Kansas City

Hello to all the soon-to-be-moms out there! So you’re in your late second trimester, and you’re loving every minute of being pregnant, but pregnancy comes with a few mental and physical highs and lows. Your journey to motherhood can be put at ease with a therapeutic massage in Kansas City at Lifestyle Massage.

Do you feel:

· Tired all the time but can’t sleep?

· Like you have to go pee all the time?

· Like you are hungry but get heartburn constantly?

· Like every joint is cracking?

· Like your ankles are three times their normal size?

· Like your digestion just isn’t the same?

Let the best prenatal massage in Kansas City ease your pain. All soon-to-be mamas talk about these issues. You may be wondering if a pregnant woman can even get a massage; the answer is YES! Prenatal massages are considered safe and effective in relieving so many issues.

Here are some amazing benefits to getting a Kansas City therapeutic massage specifically for your prenatal needs.

Myths About Triggering Labor

You may have heard a myth or two that massages trigger labor. Sorry to say, no magic button will stimulate a pregnancy into full-on labor. Some massage therapists avoid certain pressure points, including the one between the ankle bone and heel.

There is a tiny bit of concern that it may trigger contractions, but the evidence on whether massages actually can kickstart labor is inadequate. There is no actual study that says a Kansas City therapeutic massage will send you right into labor. Prenatal massage is very beneficial for both mother and baby.

Therapeutic Massage in Kansas City

Prenatal Massage Benefits for the Baby:

  • Their mother’s improved blood circulation improves their circulation as well.

  • Improved healthy tissue through their mother.

  • Flexible joints and muscles during pregnancy and labor.

During a massage, mothers experience a massive connection with their baby. Hands-on energy healing techniques make the baby feel love and nourishment through the prenatal massaging process.

Prenatal Massage Benefits for the Mother:

· Pregnancy Pain Relief

· Easier Delivery

· Lower Risk of Pre-term Birth

· Improved Sleep Quality

· Lower Risk of Postpartum Depression

· Reduced Labor Pains

The health benefits of getting a prenatal massage are excellent. Experts who specialize in therapeutic massage in Kansas City know that research shows prenatal massages relax muscle tension and improve the mother’s mental health. Let Lifestyle Massage help you experience all the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of the best prenatal massage in Kansas City. We’ll ensure that you and your baby are perfectly safe during your experience.

Therapeutic Massage in Kansas City

Lifestyle Massage offers stress-relieving services to suit every stage of life. Are you expecting a baby? We offer the best prenatal massage in Kansas City! Spending all day on your feet and just overstressed? Try infrared saunas in Kansas City. What if you just want a relaxing day with your significant other? Wind down your week with a couple’s massage.

We are here to offer you relaxation, self-care, and well-being. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage, a sports massage, or a craniosacral massage, our team will work on a strategy that leaves you feeling ready to take on anything!


Are you looking for the best massage in Kansas City?


Lifestyle Massage boasts two convenient locations in Lenexa and Brookside. If you’d like to become a new client, you can fill out an intake form here, and if you have any questions we’d be glad to assist you.

You can contact us via email at or by calling 913-942-0340.


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